Goin' tell you all a story from my old home town
'bout sweet Susie Q, Billy Jean and Charlie Brown
They lived up the hill in a house of their own
and everyone was welcome to their home sweet home
They was a real nice family made you feel so good
and everybody liked them in our neighbourhood
Every Saturday night they'd fix a barbeque
there'd be dancin'an'a-singin' always something to do

Billy Jean and Charlie Brown and Susie Q
every Saturday night they'd fix a barbeque
Billy Jean and Charlie Brown and Susie Q
there'd be dancin' an' a-singin' an' a boogaloo

Now late last year on a hot summer day
a rock'n'roll band came to town to play
They'd heard 'bout our barbeques on Saturday nights
they promised to play Charlie Brown said:"alright"
They set up their gear where the turnips grow
and 'round eight o'clock they had started their show
They played some real nice music boy they sure were good
and everyone got dancin' like I knew they would

Now Billy Jean got angry with her Charlie Brown
"I got something to say so you just stick around
our Susie Q's a woman not a child no more
and if you don't stop a-hollerin' I'll show you the door
and if you come a-knockin'an'a-tryin'a come in
I'll be waitin' for you Charlie with my rollin'pin
So you just mosy on out to your friends out there
find yourself some whisky and an empty chair"

The months turned to years but still no Susie Q
Charlie Brown had trouble with payment overdue
when early one morning there's a knock on the door
as Billy Jean opened up she nearly fell to the floor
Standin'in the doorway was that daughter of theirs
lookin' oh so cute all covered in furs
"Hello there ma', long time no see
like you all to meet my husband" so she introduced me

Words and music:
Sweden Music 1977