Gonna buy ourselves a second class to Hollywood
although it's very far from home
It burns us up to sit around and know we could
We've only got to lift the phone

We gotta break someday
Maybe today's the day
Leaving town right away

We've seen on in the movies
it seems quite some place
The chicks they all look out of sight
We've quite prepared to take our chance and join the race
We're leaving on the weekend flight

We've hear about the parties there it sure sounds good
There's nothing here to hold us back
Must be lots of boogie bands in Hollywood
our guitars is all we need to pack

We've played the blues and funk and lots of Rock'n'Roll
We've played it since the age of ten
Someday we're gonna make it to the Hollywood Bowl
Just take us there and tell us when

Been writing songs so long we've got it all worked out
We've saved them for ourselves someday
Can't wait to here those music people scream and shout
Hey you guys you just got to stay