Met this girl in the bar last night the last two drinks made me feel alright
Threw the juke-box another dime said:"Hey,girl now it's dancin' time"
Moved on down to the dancing floor
She moved her hips and she started singin' Nanananananana

She was cute and I liked her face Told her I knew a better place
She spun around and she flashed her thighsShe stared at me with her big blue eyes
I took her home in my Chevrolet
She put a hand on my knee still singin' Nanananananana

Wondering what she'd like to do
She said:"Baby,that's up to you mmm,if you know what I mean"
She took my hand as I locked the door
Made our way to the second floor Nanananananana

Never felt just like that before could fell my pulse beating more and more
"Feeling good and I'm glad you came I'd really like you to know my name"
A glass of whisky should break the ice
She drank it up but she kept on singin' Nanananananana

I asked her if she would stay the night Promised her she would be allright
Told her I've got a waterbed She laughed at me and her face turned red
She took my hand and she pulled me down
beneath the table we both went singin' Nanananananana

Words and music:

Sonet Music

(Frankrike, Spanien, Mexiko,
Central- & Sydamerika)