She got big brown eyes
she got long black hair
she got a Chevrolet motor with all the spares

She looks oh so cute
behind the steering wheel
and it's a Saturday night we're gonna rock we're gonna reel

Oh rock me, roll me drive me on home
she just said yeah on the telephone
Rock me,roll me get me in gear
in an hour or two she'll be sitting right here

She likes to go to the movies likes to shuffle a shoe
Whatever she likes I'm a-willing to do
She's a working class chick on a five day week
but on a Saturday night she sure looks neat

She don't wear no clothes with all the fancy frills
She's a blue jean lady but no cheap thrills
She's got a mind of her own
She don't leave no doubt but on a Saturday night
she lets it all hang out

She takes care of herself
she don't take no lip
and if the service aint good she don't leave no tip
But she drives me wild with her long black hair
and it's a Saturday night and she just said yeah

Words and music:
Sweden Music 1977