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12, West 44th StreetJerry Williams & RoadworkHögberg-LawtonOk, this is the address of a cheap hotel in New York. I spent a night here and promised never to return. I used it as a title 'cause it sounded cool. The room number used to be 208 (like the frequency of Radio Luxemburg) but was changed at the last minute.

747 for New YorkJerry Williams & RoadworkHögberg-LawtonWe had an argument about the lyrics: It used to say "50000 feet off the ground". I also had to remove the line "heading for the speed of sound" as Dougie said it was bad English....he replaced it with "feeling like I'm heaven bound". Well....

Adios, My BelleCaj HögbergIn the 70's everybody made their own Eviva Espana - this is mine.....

Aha Uhu MhmJerry Williams & RoadworkHögberg-LawtonThis was during my Eddie Rabbit period. I liked his "I Love a rainy night" and did something similar

Another NightCaj HögbergIt's about a friend of my wife's. She used to hang out quite a lot and I was asked to write a song about her.

Are You Old EnoughCaj HögbergWrote this one for Jerry. He never called back. I suppose he has more important things to do than recording hits...

Baby DollHögberg-LawtonDougie got a request from Lasse Svensson, who needed a song for his wife, who was doing quite well in Germany. The song was to be named Baby Doll.

Bareback riderHögberg-LawtonDougie sent me the words after I had left the band. I made this devious music for them to figure out...

Beautiful and Only 17RoadworkHögberg-LawtonI wrote this for the Roadwork album. We had just been to LA for holidays and all these names like Barney's Beanery, Sunset and Malibu called for a fictious story about a young girl getting lost in the business.

Big Bad WolfJerry Williams & RoadworkCaj HögbergJust a couple of days before we went to Rockfield to record "I can jive" I made this demo that was initially called "Instant Death". I pictured it as making instant coffee: "Stir it into water, pump it in your arm". Don't really know anything about the stuff, it was just an idea for a song. The Instant Death thing got confusing so I changed it into Big Bad Wolf at the last moment.

Billy Jean, Charlie Brown & Suzie QJerry Williams & Roadwork, Pippis, RolandzHögberg-LawtonDougie wrote the lyrics and I put music to it. The way it should be. Good one!

Born AgainHögberg-ReillyWilliam Reilly and I pulled some rabbits out of his head. This is one.

Burn OutJerry Williams & Roadwork, RockfolketHögberg-LawtonWe were talking about racing and Jerry mentioned burn-outs. Dougie came up with words and I finished it including the "B-B-B-Burn" Out bit. We invented a funny groove in the studio combining a basic rhythm with a "Memphis" guitar line.

Bättre Sent Än AldrigTonix, Thor-EricsHögberg-LawtonThese are my Swedish lyrics for "Leaving On The First Train". It was a quick job just to get it recorded by a dance band.

Can't Make It Without YouBjörn Skifs, Lill-Babs, Svenne & LottaHögberg-LawtonI played the original demo for Skifs in the car. He flipped and it was recorded a couple of weeks later. I played the bass and Palmers produced. They wrote Swedish lyrics for it: "Jag Blundar och Drömmer". I never liked the English verses. Time to make a new version? Come on, Dougie!

Can't Stand All That JazzCaj HögbergI wrote this when I was living in Ireland around 1992. Good idea for a song. I had this terrible sax-jazz-loop running on the demo. Can't stand the stuff.

CaptainGessle-HögbergMy English lyrics for a Swedish Per Gessle song. I liked it but it was never recorded. This was pre-roxette, of course.

Cold In The NightCaj HögbergMy idea of a soul ballad. When will we see Luther Vandross doing it?

Cold Winds Are Blowin'RoadworkHögberg-LawtonI wrote this for the Roadwork album. It was during a bad time of my life.

Den Gamla TidenCaj HögbergAnother try for the Eurovision. Didn't pass the audition.

Dependent LoverCaj HögbergNeil Sedaka Forever. I have numerous demos of this. They're all missing something, don't know what. Ideas?

Det brinner inom migPippisCaj HögbergThe Swedish version of "You're Not In Love". I always liked this song.

Det är mamma som bestämmerGrowing Girls, Anita Skorgan, Annyca HagbergHögberg-LawtonSwedish lyrics for "Mother Wouldn't Let Me". Recorded by Anita Skorgan. It used to contain a line about being rich and a millionaire that we had to change for some reason....

Diddle IShakin StevensHögberg-Lawtonaka Without You

Doktor KärlekCaj HögbergDone for the Eurovision Song Contest. Nobody like it.

Don't Ever Let A Good Thing DownRoadworkHögberg-LawtonWow, these were bad days of my life! Brought out all the sad songs I had inside. This is my Eagles ballad.

Dunka TillCaj HögbergWrote this during my time with the Beatmakers. we played it live every night.

Då Vill Jag Drömma Mig BortHögberg-PalmersCo-written by Bengt Palmers. We recorded the demo in my apartment in Stockholm. It was meant for Elisabeth Andreasson.

En Gammal EvergreenCaj HögbergSwedish words for Oldfashioned Melodies, written for Lill-Babs. She didn't like them.

Feel ItCaj HögbergOld song from the sixties. What is it all about? Don't have a clue.

For His Lady DearHögberg-LawtonVery English medieval words from Dougie, mixed with my Steely Danish music.

FrihetsgudinnaCaj HögbergPolitical statement at last. Written for Annelie Rydé who wanted to do completely different material....

Ge Mig En ManCaj HögbergThis is obviously meant to be sung by a female singer.....

GhostwriterCaj HögbergHank B. Marvin for president

Gimme LoveCaj HögbergActually a very old song, probably from the sixties, that I recorded with an 8 track Fostex and some cheap synths around 1981. Phil Collins - eat your heart out!

He Died From a Broken HeartJerry Williams & RoadworkHögberg-LawtonAnother one I wrote for Roadwork. I needed four lines that Dougie supplied. One was "His face was always void of expression" - Try to say that quickly!

Heading For The Road AgainRoadworkHögberg-LawtonWe needed something heavy for the Roadwork album. I came up with this over night. Dougie put some words to it and - done.

Hej OkejBeatmakers med BorisCaj HögbergThis was written for an album with Boris & Beatmakers for CBS. It never made it to the charts.

Hey KateJerry Williams & RoadworkHögberg-LawtonDougie wrote the lyrics - I supplied the music. Period.

HollywoodJerry Williams & RoadworkHögberg-LawtonThis is Dougie dreaming about a career in Hollywood. We made the demo in Decibel Upstairs and it ended up on the "No creases" album for some reason...Dream on.

Hooked On YouJerry Williams & RoadworkHögberg-LawtonI wanted to do a good Elvis number. Told Dougie I wanted a story like the one in "HighClassed" by Hollies. You know, like: "you drink champagne - I drink cheap wine, you're rich - I'm poor."

Hot Rock'n'roll BandJerry Williams & RoadworkHögberg-LawtonMoon Martin was a hero at the time. We actually made a video of this. Terrible stuff - I hope I never get to see it again!

How did you do it?Caj HögbergThis is me in the eighties trying to figure out new chords and lines. I got lost in this world for quite a while.

I Came For LoveJanne Önnerud & CoHögberg-LawtonIt's about an old girlfriend that moved to Paris. Dougie wrote the words to this "Ti Amo" carbon copy

I Can JiveJerry Williams & Roadwork, Flamingokvintetten etc.Högberg-LawtonThe greatest hit of all times for Jerry. We actually played this live for a year before it was recorded. We tried to cut it in Polar Studios with Michael B Tretow (great guy!), but there was something missing feelingwise, so we ended up in Rockfield in Wales again.

I Can't Go On Livin' Without YouJerry Williams & RoadworkHögberg-LawtonJerry wanted a screaming ballad for an album. I wrote this for my wife. You can hear Tom Jones singing Delilah if you really try....

I mina ögonSvenska Lyxorkestern & Niklas StrömstedtHögberg-Larson-LarsonA song that they forgot to write in the sixties. Brilliant stuff!

I need youJerry Williams & RoadworkHögberg-LawtonDoo-wop for the seventies. We recorded the actual track at Rockfield studios in Wales for the "I Can Jive" album

I Wanna Be With YouCaj HögbergLove song for my wife.

I Was Right, She Was WrongRoadworkHögberg-LawtonA paper referred to this as a discussion about rape? I never though about the words, as long as they were rhyming.

I'm a rock'n'roller (Yes I am)Jerry Williams & RoadworkHögberg-LawtonOne of the weakest spots of the "I can jive" album. We beefed it up with background vocals but it didn't help much. The title was a cut-and-paste from all the Gary Glitter songs.

Is there something I should know?Caj HögbergI found this demo as I was going through the archives for this Internet project. It's actually very good! Hall and Oates wouldn't mind?

It's Never Too LateHögberg-LundbladMe and Peter Lundblad wrote this a sunny day at home - stll waiting for a recording

Jag Ger MigCaj HögbergYet another entry for the Eurovision that didn't make it. I always liked this.

Jag Vill Aldrig VaknaHögberg-LawtonMy original Swedish lyrics for Can't Make It without You, also known as Jag Blundar Och Drömmer. I like them....

Jag vill bara va' med digSvenska Lyxorkestern & Bengt JanssonCaj HögbergSong for my wife. Gilbert O'Sullivan should do it in English!

Lazy SummerHögberg-LawtonWe tried to do something like 10cc on this demo. We recorded lots of songs this day in history at the old Decibel Upstairs.

Leaving On The First TrainHögberg-LawtonGot the lyrics off Dougie and finished the music on one single night. We used to call each other on the phone and play the results.

Lifetime LoveCaj HögbergI was thinking about Bryan Adams doing this. Can you spot him?

Lonely People CryCaj HögbergI had just bought a synthesizer, can't think of the model. Yamaha something. Have to check that out. Mono synth. This was pre-MIDI of course. I triggered a lot of effects, one by one and added some Jeff Lynne/Roy Wood vocals......

Lotta LoveHögberg-LawtonAnother 92 reunion try from me and Dougie. Have to do a re-make of this demo....

Love HoleCaj HögbergJohn Hiatt was my favourite at the time. This could be one of the songs on his "Overcoats" album. I actually sent the demo to him. He never replied.

Makin' Love To YouJerry Williams & RoadworkHögberg-LawtonWe wrote this to have something that we could use live on stage and go on vamping forever. I suggested the line about "Maybelline was a cow" after watching a documentary on Chuck Berry.

Mary AnneHögberg-LawtonThis is actually a great ballad that noone really bothered to listen to.

Mary Mary (Once isn't enough)Tom, Dick & HarryCaj HögbergHaha, I wrote this for Tom, Dick and Harry, a band consisting of only two members: Me and Leif Larson. I used a composer-alias for this: "Caj Roder", as suggested by Skogis

Mitt Hjärta BlöderCaj HögbergSwedish lyrics for "How Did You Do It". I had Mats Ronander in my mind while writing them. Never told him.....

Mother Wouldn't Let MeHögberg-LawtonThe music came one night and I was sure it must have been an old song. I asked people I knew but nobody had heard it before. Strange stuff....Good lyrics by Dougie.

NaNaNaNaNaNaNaJerry Williams & RoadworkHögberg-LawtonThis was based on the chanting people started at our concerts. After adding some Sweet drums it became the opening track on the No Creases album.

Nancy NancyJerry Williams & RoadworkHögberg-LawtonThis is about a dancer that I met once.

Not For The First TimeHögberg-ReillyWilliam goes rock'n'roll.

Oh LadyAnnyca HagbergHögberg-LawtonI always pictured Frank Sinatra doing this in a big band style, you know like Lady Is A Tramp. Lasse Wellander popped into Decibel Studios and we asked him if he wanted to play a guitar solo on the demo, and he sure did....

Oldfashioned MelodiesHögberg-LawtonEngelbert Humperdinck or someone should do this and have a big hit in Vegas. Dougie wrote the verses for this.

PyromaniacGessle-HögbergPer Gessle was sending demos to USA and needed English lyrics. I was asked to help and this is one of the songs. Can't remember the original title in Swedish, "Galning" was it?.

Queen of The NightSvenne & LottaHögberg-LawtonDisco, BeeGees and flourecent lights!

Queen of The RiverHögberg-LawtonThis was recorded at Decibel, but got lost in all the overdubs and sound effects. Could be a good song if you re-record it. Anyone? No?

Rock me, Roll MeJerry Williams & RoadworkHögberg-LawtonSonet provided me with a bunch of albums from Sun Records. I came out with this song in the line of Carl Mann, Carl Perkins and the rest. Dougie wrote the words

Rock'n'Roll Music TimeRoadwork, Schytts, LonzoHögberg-LawtonOne of the few funny happy songs of the Roadwork album. Dougie performed it playback on his wife's TV show.

Rocka som en RockaCaj HögbergI sent this to Lasse Åberg of Electric Banana Band, but they were not recording at the time.

Rockabilly Willy & the Dang-a-Lang BandJerry Williams & RoadworkHögberg-LawtonAnother song that came out of my diving into old Sun records. Dougie came up with good lyrics! If you look at the cover of the "I can jive" album, the name of the band is on the bass drum.

Rolls RoyceSvenne & LottaHögberg-LawtonWe'd just got a deal with Sweden Music and we were convinced our songs would sweap the Atlantic. They didn't. This was an ABBA rip-off.

RoseMaryCaj HögbergNice one. Me, playing live drums in my apartment in Stockholm. Where would I be without Paul Mccartney and Gilbert O'sullivan?

Running I'm RunningCaj HögbergThis one's about my wife, who is constantly late for buses, meetings, dinners, you name it.

Rör mig (Du är allt jag vill ha)Caj HögbergI bet you this one will be recorded before the turn of the millenium. Any takers?? Well, it's too late now and I lost the bet anyway...

Say Goodbye to JohnnyCaj HögbergKim Fowley called me from a limo in LA, playing this demo. He wrote new lyrics "Dancing With A Stranger". It never happened.

Scandinavian DynamiteJerry Williams & RoadworkHögberg-LawtonFound the title in a dictionary. It's supposed to mean Swedish snuff. Never heard the expression before. We wrote a song for Jerry anyway.

SchoolyardRoadworkHögberg-LawtonThis one ended up on the Roadwork album.

Serving TimeJerry Williams & RoadworkHögberg-LawtonWe brought the lyrics for this to Rockfield and I figured out how to record it in the easy chair in front of the fire. The drums were actually put down to tape from the toilet with all the lights out because of the humming sound. Peder, our drummer, had a candle and a snare drum in there. Amazing!

SheHögberg-LawtonThis is all about Dougie's wife, he told me. I played slap bass for the first time on this demo.

She's Crying On The PhoneCaj HögbergWrote this one for my wife when we were calling each other long distance

She's Too Much For YouBortalagetHögberg-LawtonA re-union with Dougie in 1992. I lived in Ireland and sent him a DAT with the background to finish vocals and mixing in Stockholm. It was for a duet between Jerry and Shakin Stevens that never occured.

Shot Down In ActionHögberg-PalmersMe and Palmers wanted to write something for Frida of ABBA who was recording a solo album with Phil Collins. There was actually a documentary on TV about the making of the album, and all through it they were playing this song. Of course, it didn't make it all the way.....

Sixteen And ReadyJerry Williams & RoadworkCaj HögbergSong for an ex-girlfriend. Nick Lowe was hip at the time. I did this for a Jerry Williams album. Got he idea for the words from "She's Leaving Home"

Sommar För MigBirgitta WollgårdHögberg-LawtonSwedish words for Wait Till Tomorrow. Quick job for a sick brain.

Stay 'Til The Morning LightTommy NilssonHögberg-PalmersMe and Palmers doing a contemporary ballad. Great stuff, and Tommy Nilsson's recording is superb. Bengt made the demo.

Stop Me When I'm FallingHögberg-ReillyAnother good one from William's head.

Sweet CarolineHögberg-LawtonHögberg-Lawton finally strikes again!

Sweet InspirationCaj HögbergOne of the old seventies numbers I don't have much relation to. I remember the middle bits were inspired by "It's In her Kiss" or "shoop Shoop Song".

Syster KarinCaj HögbergThis was actually written for Sune Mangs. He never heard it.....

Ta mig hem till Gamla StanPolarnaCaj HögbergI was just sitting at the keyboard of a Yamaha CX-5 computer and started the Auto-rhythm. Wrote the melody and words *real* fast. I haven't got a clue where "....Gamla Stan igen Där finns Ann-Marie och kärleken..." came from. Out of the blue. People keep asking me "who is Ann-Marie?".

Take A RideCaj HögbergI played this for Swinging Blue Jeans in my apartment. They liked it. Nice guys. Hi Ray!

Take Me BackHögberg-LawtonMe and Dougie doing ABBA. This is the song that gave us a publishing contract with Sweden Music. We got 50 pounds each for signing that line.

Talk To MeHögberg-PalmersMe and Palmers. Recorded in my apartment on a Portastudio. We never finished the lyrics on this.

That'll Be AllJerry Williams & RoadworkHögberg-LawtonUs doing Status Quo. This is actually a better song than I Can Jive, but noone ever realized that, because of the poor recording quality.

That's The DayHögberg-LawtonGot the lyrics off Dougie and put this one together, inspired by Stevie Wonder at his worst.

That's Why we Keep Fallin' In LoveJerry Williams & RoadworkHögberg-LawtonI made this demo playing drums on my knees singing a capella in front of the radio recorder in the kitchen. You can hear the traffic outside.

The Echoes of My MindCaj HögbergWrote the lyrics in my head while driving the van on tour between Umeå and Sundsvall. This was actually the day I quit the band Roadwork.

The Little Things You DoJerry Williams & RoadworkHögberg-LawtonA ballad for Jerry. I played the acoustic guitar on the record, and me and Dougie added Jordanaires background vocals.

The Man in the Gabardine SuitCaj HögbergMusic publishing in a song. The music demo got lost.

The MirrorCaj HögbergKraftwerk has nothing on this. Bad times....

There's A Guy on the cornerJerry Williams & RoadworkHögberg-LawtonDougie wrote this. There's a guy down at the chip shop looks just like Elvis?

There's something 'bout you girl that I like
(I just can't put my finger on it)
Diggy Tal & Numbers, Robbie RaeCaj HögbergThis is such a funny song. I actually think I saw this joke in Playboy ages ago, and used for an idea of a song. the talking bit came off "Flash In The Pan" who always used this phone-voice.

Those EyesCaj HögbergFor my wife, written on her birthday without knowing it.

TouchHögberg-PalmersMe and Palmers. My oroginal demo. There is two other versions recorded at EMI studios. One of them is a funky version with Elisabeth Andreasson singing..

Two RenegadesHögberg-LawtonWe recorded this demo upstairs at Decibel studio. Cool place, is it still around?

Utan DigHögberg-LawtonQuick and dirty Swedish words for "Without You".

Vi kompletterar VarannCaj HögbergThis is one of those "you'll do this, I'll do that - and together we'll do better"-songs. Any dance-bands around these days?

Wait Till TomorrowHögberg-LawtonBeg Steal and Borrow was the original title off Dougies lyric sheet. We recorded this demo on our own, Dougie playing drums in OAL studio.

Walls Come Tumblin' DownCaj HögbergI had just moved to Ireland when the Berlin Wall came down. This was also in the deep days of recession. Hence the lyrics!

Will You Still Love Me In The MorningCaj HögbergOK, this demo is speeded up to emulate a girl singing. The idea is a mixture between Carol King and Fleetwood Mac.

Without YouJerry Williams & Roadwork, Shakin StevensHögberg-LawtonWrote this one for my wife. Dougie and I had a "Lennon-McCartney" relationship at the time, so he's also named as a composer, but he was never involved.

Wo-Bop BabyJerry Williams & RoadworkHögberg-LawtonThis one is all Dougie. Good one!

Won't you tell me what you seeHögberg-LawtonMe and dougie - long forgotten gem

WonderlandHögberg-LawtonMy original demo. There is another demo recorded at Decibel.

You're A Big Boy NowRoadworkHögberg-LawtonRoadwork doing the Who. Dougie wrote the words.

You're Not In LoveCaj HögbergThis is me doing Shakin Stevens. He wasn't interested...

Yours EverRoadworkCaj HögbergI wrote this for the Roadwork album. I had big problems trying to sing it. We finally double-tracked it to have it finished.