Me and Leif Larson started our own band just to make a single record. We had big plans about opening a brand new record company, Ikini Records, and proceeded to release a single under the alias Tom Dick and Harry.

We knew it would be hard to explain the band's name since there was only the two of us, but we simply omitted the comma so that one of us would be Tom Dick and the other simply Harry....

To cover up on our identities, we also had to fake our names as composers. I became Caj Roder ( hence Ry Cooder - thanks Bosse and Sundquist! ) and my partner became Leif Crimson.

I wanted to use the famous three monkeys as our logo - but made them more extrovert: One wearing cans, one with binoculars and the third holding a megaphone.

Listen to "Mary Mary (Once isn't enough)" HERE!

Listen tp "Go For It" HERE!