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The songs of Jerry Williams & Roadwork
These are my original demos as presented to the band

Too Fast To Live, Too Young To Die



Burn Out Högberg-Lawton
Serving Time Högberg-Lawton

I can jive
Big Bad Wolf Högberg
Billy Jean, Charlie Brown & Suzie Q Högberg-Lawton
Hooked On You Högberg-Lawton
I Can Jive Högberg-Lawton
I'm a rock'n'roller (Yes I am) Högberg-Lawton
I need you Högberg-Lawton
Rockabilly Willie & the Dang-a-lang Band Högberg-Lawton
Rock me, Roll Me Högberg-Lawton
Scandinavian Dynamite Högberg-Lawton

Hot Rock'n'roll Band
747 for New York Högberg-Lawton
He Died From a Broken Heart Högberg-Lawton
Hey Kate Högberg-Lawton
Hot Rock'n'roll Band Högberg-Lawton
Makin' Love To You Högberg-Lawton
Nancy Nancy Högberg-Lawton
Sixteen And Ready Högberg
That's Why We Keep Falling In Love Högberg-Lawton
That'll Be All Högberg-Lawton
The Little Things You Do Högberg-Lawton

No Creases
12, West 44th Street Högberg-Lawton
Aha Uhu Mhm Högberg-Lawton
Hollywood Högberg-Lawton
I Can't Go On Livin' Without You Högberg-Lawton
NaNaNaNaNaNaNa Högberg-Lawton
There's A Guy On The Corner Högberg-Lawton
Without You Högberg-Lawton
Wo-Bop Baby Högberg-Lawton